Weekly Daily Post Challenge… Eek!


Hey guys!

So if you read my last blog post, you’d realise that I’m doing the weekly challenge. I managed to write some last night, but it was so difficult! But I’m doing it. I think its because I have writers block D:

The last time I wrote anything creative was 3 years ago, I just need a way to get my creative juices flowing. But here’s what I’ve written so far…. could you please maybe leave a comment and let me know what you think? Thanks! 😀

She sat there, motionless with a frown on her face. A timid girl, only 4 years age clung onto the roundabout as she waited. Waited for someone.

Around her was an essence of loneliness, a sense of mystery and reservation. She sat alone in the abandoned playground, where the laughter of children from the past echoed through, where the swings moved in the cool autumn wind as if white silhouettes were seated upon them. The soft wind pushed the leaves that had fallen from the growing trees leaves across the tarmac and towards the girls feet.

She picked up the leaf with her right hand and examined it, first from one side and then from the other. She slowly lifted up her left hand and traced all the miniature veins on the yellow leaves. All connected, somehow leading to a past.

She had no past. She had no present. In fact she didn’t know who she was.

Z. x

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”  – Confucius