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Breach of Close

On the spectrum of obsessions and eating disorders, orthorexia resides, at least in the minds of most people, in a blurry end zone somewhere between the inconvenient and the slightly ridiculous. They can’t really see how a fixation on eating healthy is anything more than overindulgence in self-discipline. I suspect some may even think that in confessing his condition (men seem to be more prone than women), the orthorexic is playing a joke on them, or making a ploy for pity as hollow as the magnate’s claim of the burdens of wealth or the model’s cross of beauty. “Oh, you’re obsessed with eating well, how awful for you!” they might say, with a hint of a smirk on their face. In a society in which three out of every four adults are overweight, the orthorexic’s fixation on eating healthy is arguably an affront to even mention as a problem.


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life of leaving home


Yesterday, I moved back to school. Heaved crates upon boxes, loaded backpacks atop suitcases, but most importantly, gathered heart and mind for another hellish year to come. It feels familiar, almost, the countless trips from the car to my upstairs room. Sometimes taking the elevator, other times toughing it out and going for the stairs. And I can hear their voices again, whether my mom is yelling at me to sort out the shower curtains or my dad mumbling about furniture arrangement.

But things are different this time—my mom makes sure I’m settled and then leaves. It isn’t because I was an arrogant brat that refused help, because I am the last to be so noble. It is because she does so much already, and I need to grow up, step up. So I tell her to go, because all that’s left for me is to unpack, sort little things…

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So what is exactly going on in Egypt? (My Perspective)

images (2)Violence in (1)

Lately, in the news, there has been a lot of broadcasting on what is happening in Egypt. As a British Citizen, I’m finding it all a bit confusing so I thought I’d do some research…. And I found things which horrified me and shocked me at the same time.

So basically, back in January 2011, The Egyptian people started their revolution against the former President Hosni Mubarak. The reason the Egyptian people rose up against the President was because they were tired of the 30 years that had under him being elected. The people felt failed by their government. The former president was attacked over cases of police brutality and state of emergency laws too. The Egyptian people were fed up of how badly they were being treated and the Revolution was/is focused mostly around political and social issues.

Mubarak was definitely a terrible leader. He supressed any protests and would jail his opponents if they said anything against him. Weirdly, it sounds as similar to McCarthyism in the 1930s where McCarthy would call his opponents ‘sympathisers’.

Well they do say history repeats itself. *wink face*

So after a month of solid protesting in Cairo, Alexandria and other surrounding areas, Hosni Mubarak resigned as President of Egypt and the government stepped in f Continue reading

Weekly Daily Post Challenge… Eek!


Hey guys!

So if you read my last blog post, you’d realise that I’m doing the weekly challenge. I managed to write some last night, but it was so difficult! But I’m doing it. I think its because I have writers block D:

The last time I wrote anything creative was 3 years ago, I just need a way to get my creative juices flowing. But here’s what I’ve written so far…. could you please maybe leave a comment and let me know what you think? Thanks! 😀

She sat there, motionless with a frown on her face. A timid girl, only 4 years age clung onto the roundabout as she waited. Waited for someone.

Around her was an essence of loneliness, a sense of mystery and reservation. She sat alone in the abandoned playground, where the laughter of children from the past echoed through, where the swings moved in the cool autumn wind as if white silhouettes were seated upon them. The soft wind pushed the leaves that had fallen from the growing trees leaves across the tarmac and towards the girls feet.

She picked up the leaf with her right hand and examined it, first from one side and then from the other. She slowly lifted up her left hand and traced all the miniature veins on the yellow leaves. All connected, somehow leading to a past.

She had no past. She had no present. In fact she didn’t know who she was.

Z. x

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”  – Confucius 

In Cairo

Wow. Interesting post! Keep them coming!

Rumours of Rhyme

in CairoImage viaFree Hour on Facebook

the Nile
the bullets fly
across the sun-baked squares,
where anguished mothers wail in despair and watch
as, yet again, their hopes
and dreams and sons
then die.

© 2013 A B Maude

For Form for All at dVerse today we are writing poems using a variety of mathematical series to set the number of words/syllables or metrical feet in each line. This poem uses the Fibonacci series (1, 1, 2, 3, 5 …) to determine the number of metrical feet.

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Uh oh.

I don’t really know how I don’t manage to blog. I love blogging. It makes me feel in touch with my creative side. I’m so going to do the daily post challenge. I genuinely have such a good story in my mind. It makes me happy when I see this. After my novel, I kind of gave up and stopped writing so I’m hoping this will bring the spark back. 

Creativity is something that flows. When you see an image or you see something happen, the ability to explain and explore and create is what makes it so amazing. I love the fact that I am blessed with the ability to write and read. I love the fact that when I see a picture and am told to write a story on it, I start to think of a million ideas within my head. It’s crazy. 

Z. x 


“Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.” – Steve Jobs